Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cabin in Smoot Wyoming

We just got back from a little place called Smoot, Wyoming!  We had the oppurtunity to help on a cabin remodel there where we did several things to spruce this cabin up! By the time we left it had turned out amazing! Here's a few before pics ...

 Look how all the terrain slopes into the cabin, amazing that it had survived all this time with the harsh winters they go through there!
 That guy looks like he knows something, eh?
 These posts were pretty heavy!
 I tacked the post with nails and then later I added Timber Lock screws to attach these big boys to the base.

 Boston also got in on this project, as you can see he was a big help.

 I'm glad there was a machine already up on the job, it made it a lot easier.

 This bad girl fit like a glove when it was all said and done.

 This changed the look of the cabin drastically and when the new siding is on, it'll look real nice!
 The back of the cabin before Timbers.
 I don't know if you can tell, but the roof is sagging on both sides and so was the deck.
For all of those out there that know a little about building will be able to tell real quick that this was a Mickey Mouse operation! The design was very poor.

 But then with a lot of work we were able to get this one looking real good, plumb, level, and straight!!!

I was able to finish up some timbers on the inside as well for an awesome loft, I will post pictures of that soon too!

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